Yandex.Quiz. Krasnaya str., 10. Restaurant «BBQ-Park», 3rd floor.
Yandex invites you to take part in the quiz to get to know each other and have fun together.
The quiz will have several rounds on a variety of topics (like pub quiz). Also Yandex has prepared its own round!
Unfortunately, the number of seats is limited (50 participants).
There will be 10 teams of 5 people. You can split into teams on the spot.
You can have a snack or make a small talk at lunch break.
3 best teams will be awarded!
Attention! The event will be in Russian.
Date: Jan 31, 2020.
Time: 15:30 - 19:00.
Volunteers will meet you in the lobby of the University at 15:30 and carry to the place of the event.
Quiz will start at 16.00.
See you!

You're not going to the event. 

1. Ildar Gainullin (Kazan+Spb)
2. Ramazan Rakhmatullin (Kazan+Spb)
3. Bohdan Pastushchak (Lviv National University)
4. Maksym Shcherba (Lviv National University)
5. Petro Tarnavskyi (Lviv National University)
6. Vitalii Herasymiv (Lviv National University)
7. Andrii Orap (Jagiellonian U)
8. Maksym Zub (Jagiellonian U)
9. Nazarii Denha (Jagiellonian U)
10. Andrew Stankevich (SPb ITMO University)
11. Gennady Korotkevich (SPb ITMO University)
12. Ilya Poduremennykh (SPb ITMO University)
13. Rita Sablina (SPb ITMO University)
14. Roman Korobkov (SPb ITMO University)
15. Semyon Stepanov (SPb ITMO University)
16. Stanislav Naumov (SPb ITMO University)
17. Mikhail Piklyaev (Saratov SU)
18. Fedor Korobeinikov (Belarusian SU)
19. Ivan Lukyanov (Belarusian SU)
20. Valery Shavel (Belarusian SUIR)
21. Yury Shilyaev (Belarusian SUIR)
22. Anton Belyy (Petrozavodsk SU)
23. Denis Zakharov (Petrozavodsk SU)
24. Ekaterina Potapova (Petrozavodsk SU)
25. Igor Simagin (Petrozavodsk SU)
26. Natalia Lezova (Petrozavodsk SU)
27. Natalia Sobianina (Petrozavodsk SU)
28. Olga Masaeva (Petrozavodsk SU)
29. Alikhan Okas (Kazakh-British TU)
30. Alimzhan Amanov (Kazakh-British TU)
31. Andrey Shanin (Kharkiv NU of RE)
32. Alexander Shekhovtsov (SCH_Moscow AESC)
33. Semyon Savkin (SCH_Moscow AESC)
34. Alex Danilyuk (NNSU)
35. Nikolay Kalinin (NNSU)
36. Valeria Ryabchikova (NNSU)
37. Vladislav Epifanov (NNSU)
38. Ildar Yalalov (Innopolis U)
39. Nikolay Gaivoronskiy (Innopolis U)
40. Alikhan Zimanov (KAIST)
41. Temirkhan Zimanov (KAIST)